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 Shortening of Time

It is possible to shorten the minimum notice time for a marriage to less than a month if special circumstances set out in the regulations are met.

You need to approach a Prescribed Authority for approval.  Prescribed authorities (usually at your Local Court or Registry officials) can shorten the required period of notice if they are satisfied that circumstances prescribed in the regulations are met.

There are the five categories of circumstances set out in the regulations.  These are:

  • Employment related or other travel commitments,

  • Wedding or celebrant arrangements, or religious considerations,

  • Medical reasons,

  • Legal proceedings,

  • Error in giving notice.

The reason for seeking a shortening of time for notice must fall within one of these categories before an application can be considered.  There is no capacity to grant shortening of time outside these circumstances.  Shortening of time is not automatic.  When making a decision the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) or prescribed authority will weigh up the information provided in support of the application and may seek additional information as outlined in the regulations. 

We are not from New South Wales or Australia, what can we do?

It is very easy to be married in Australia your wedding can be organised from your home before your arrival in Australia.  All the arrangements can be made by email or telephone. Once you are married you will need to contact the NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages to obtain a marriage certificate.  For your marriage to be recognised in your country of residence you may need to have your certificate to be given an Apostille stamp which can be obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Should your partner live overseas and they are applying for a prospective spouse or fiance visa, I can provide you with a letter for the regulatory authorities advising them of your intention to marry, once you have lodged your  Marriage with
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